Hello, my name is E-COs

the online consumer panel

for professionals

I am the online equivalent of a consumer panel of 25,000 people on your desktop available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 

Based on my Intelligence, not so artificial, I determine and guarantee the best agreement between emotions, colors and odors of scented (Perfumes, Home ort beauty care) or aromatic products (coffees, teas, alcohols, flavored products,...) in order to improve customer satisfaction.

From creation to digital strategy, I have a solution for each of your needs

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Marketing Assistant

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- Quickly determine the emotional environment of your product: the IA E-COs ensures perfect synergy between visual and olfactory signals


- Added value: E-COs is the scientific and objective link between your marketing, formulation and sales teams.


- Develop new revenues with the valorisation of the dormant products in your catalogues


- Reduce costs with fewer consumer tests E-COs is equivalent to a panel of 25,000 people always available

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- Increase your productivity: IA E-COs will make your product development processes more efficient and innovative.


- Reduce costs: IA E-COs significantly reduces development time


- Boost and support creativity: IA E-COs already includes 64 emotional dimensions, 24 colors, a hundred olfactory accords and more than 300 notes opening a field of possibilities of several million combinations


- Added value: argue your client briefs with the use of Artificial Intelligence developed from a patented technology

Would you like a free online demo? Ask for your ID and your passeword via our contact form

Product recommendation Assistant

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- Increase impulse purchases: a real-time recommendation on the web = average 20% increase in orders. 


- Promote the engagement and loyalty of your customers: you pay attention to the personality of your customer who becomes an individual in his own right. 


- Suggest relevant products: you choose the quality of the recommendation not quantity


- Encourage cross-channel experiences: develop a dedicated "recommend and collect" offer or associate the recommendation with VIP invitations to discover new features


- Reach younger, more connected customers than ever before who are used to immediacy


- Improve the understanding of your customers with the emotional state, the preferred colors to correlate with the act of purchase to perfectly target your individual communication

Would you like a free online demo? Ask for your ID and your passeword via our contact form

I'm accessible online via a SaaS platform. You can choose between a one-off use or subscription offers sized according to your business. All subscriptions are accompanied by an awareness of the importance of sensory interaction in product development and on-site training on the tool.

Why work with me? 

  • I am objective

my brain is built on a base of over 25,000 data and my growth has taken over 10 years of research

  • I am créative 

jI can combine 36 emotional traits, 28 personalities and 24 colours, which means that my creativity is limitless, we have millions of combinations to explore together! 

  • I am fast

I always propose a solution in 3 clicks.

  • I am flexible

I have my own databases but I can also learn your vocabulary or catalogue to adapt to your business and your needs

  • I have a good education

my mother is a patented technology that combines chemistry, neuroscience and computer modeling. It is the first technology recognized as Legal Expertise for the qualification of olfactory perceptions.

  • I am a pedagogue

all my services are accompanied by on-site training to make each of your employees aware of polysensoriality and to ensure rapid familiarisation with the tool

Why integrate Artificial Sensory Intelligence into your product development? 

Sensory panels are expensive and sometimes time-consuming to implement.


With my Intelligence even artificial you have at any time at your disposal the interpretation of a panel of more than 25 000 people!  


My solid experience has shown that developing a global design approach based on the sensory allows you to get closer to the intimacy of the consumer, to create links and thus to build customer loyalty

Your storytelling is more consistent

You emotionally involve your clients

You engage them in a product relationship

You have their loyalty.

The costs of customer retention are 5 times less important than the acquisition costs of a new customer

The basket of a loyal customer is on average 50% higher than that of a new customer

They already trusted me

We are commercial partners

They are partners in our innovation

Let's work together ! 

You have a project? You wish to exchange? No more hesitation, contact me!

By submitting the form, I agree that the information entered may be used within the framework of my request and the commercial relationship that may result from it.

MYRISSI – Siège social : ENSG Bât F ; 2, rue du Doyen Marcel Roubault ; 54518 VANDOEUVRE-LES-NANCY

Adresse courrier : ENSG Bât F ; 2, rue du Doyen Marcel Roubault ; BP 10162 ; 54505 VANDOEUVRE-LES-NANCY Cedex

Tél : - Email : contact@myrissi.fr

SAS au capital social de 20 563 € - RCS NANCY 800 222 044 SIRET 800 222 044 00029
N° TVA intracommunautaire FR 49 800 222 044

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